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Albuquerque Generosity Council Members

True North Financial Ministries - Chad Clark

Business Leader - Tim Turner

1615 Ministry - Matthew Ellison

Kingdom Advisors - John Moore

Kingdom Advisors - Andrew Donohue

The Navigators - Dale Coffing

Tijeras Foundation - Nadine McIntosh

Fellowship of Companies for Christ International - Reid Warner

National Christian Foundation of NM - Virgil Dugan

Goals and Purpose

The key to our Generosity Council is a shared passion for helping others experience the joy of generosity in the context of committed Christian stewardship.  Our Council is a group of like-minded leaders of diverse Christian ministries that all emphasize Christian stewardship and generous giving within their networks.  We meet at least twice a month to share stories of progress, to develop strategies for working more collaboratively, and to encourage one another on our journeys of generosity.

A Relational Format

As a Generosity Council member, you'll attend meetings at least twice a month that combine relational time, spiritual teaching, encouraging testimonies, and relevant training. Each meeting is typically about one hour long, and an NCF staff member will be available to guide the process.Together, the Council members grow in their ability to teach the principles of Christian Stewardship and generous giving within our community and throughout represented national networks.

Multiply your impact
Many business owners have a heart to give charitably but feel hindered by their limited cash flow and the high taxation of their businesses. But NCF can help you donate a non-voting interest in your business, receive a substantial tax deduction, and ... read more
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