The Inspiring Generous Joy 2014 ABQ Event Was A Blessing

On Saturday, March 8, 2014, Women Doing Well, Generous Giving and National Christian Foundation (NCF) NM jointly sponsored a Women Doing Well: Inspiring Generous Joy event at the Four Seasons Country Club in Albuquerque.

Della Moya of NCF NM was the City Leader and was led by the Holy Spirit during through the entire planning of the event. Twenty-six local women came alongside her as Igniters and invited 168 of their friends and colleagues; 165 attended! A Prayer Team Leader volunteered to form a team of seven prayer warriors who prayed continuously over the event and the attendees for months prior to the event. Together they explored the joy of living wholehearted lives in response to God's love.  With incredible speakers, stories from local women who have begun the journey of joyful generosity, personal testimonies, and peer-to-peer discussion, they discovered their unique purpose, how to ignite their passions and begin to create a plan for living and giving in God's image. 

The event was a unique, biblically-based and interactive experience where we explored our personal purpose, passions and values.  We are now living in an era where God, in His sovereignty, is resourcing women globally with unprecedented educational, professional, and financial resources.  In 2012, Women Doing Well commissioned a national study of Christian women to gain insights into the motivations and barriers to whole life generosity with an overwhelming response from 7300 Christian women.  The results found that 93% of these women actively participated in their household's giving decisions.

The One Day Experience has been birthed from one simple prayer, a prayer that as a Christian woman, that God would reveal His heart for you.  The day was in response to the voices of Christian women and what they have said they need in order to be a great steward.  

We are living in an unprecedented time in history in which women have access to more wealth and influence than ever before.

  • Women own over half of the country's wealth and make over 80% of the spending decisions.
  • Women own 40% of all private companies and are launching new ventures at twice the rate of their male counterparts.
  • With advances in education, employment and earnings, it is widely expected that two-thirds of privately held assets will be in the hands of American women by 2030.

The ability to make a real difference in the world is in the hands of women!

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