The On-Purpose Living Workshop Is Coming to ABQ Again!

Registration Open

The On-Purpose Living & Giving Women's Workshop

Presented by Mary Tomlinson

OCTOBER 18, 2016

8:30 AM TO 12:00 Noon

The Canyon Club at Four Hills

Cost $25.00 - Continental Breakfast Included

The first On-Purpose Workshop was held in Albuquerque on February 20, 2016.  It was so successful that we were asked to bring it to ABQ again!  The On-Purpose is the first in a series of three workshops that are conducted by Women Doing Well.  The Speakers from Women Doing Well travel around the country talking about Women's Initiatives and conducting workshops/events for women that aren't just an event, they are an EXPERIENCE!

Mary Tomlinson is a high-energy motivator who is passionate about encouraging individuals and implementing change. Mary spent nearly 25 years in the hospitality industry working at Florida's Silver Springs and Florida Cypress Gardens in Marketing and Sales.  She then began an 18-year career with the Walt Disney Company where she was an executive in marketing and a general manager coaching teams of 8 to 800.  As president of On-Purpose Partners, Mary works with business, nonprofits, government organizations and individuals from many walks of life, helping each achieve greater purpose and focus.  Mary speaks for Women Doing Well about living and giving On-Purpose!

The National Christian Foundation of New Mexico will host this Women Doing Well women's workshop that introduces tools to discover, define and clarify your unique two-word purpose statement, your long-term vision and mission, and your personal values.

As women we are always busy and usually burning the candle on both ends.  We can often lose ourselves in the midst of serving others.  We desire to be joyful with our time, talent, and treasure, but sometimes feel like our bucket of joy is a bit dry or empty.  

Have you ever felt that you are off-purpose?  Then you will want to hear how God might want to bring freedom, meaning and fulfillment to you in your living and giving.

We will host the workshops on Passion and Planning in 2017. Stay tuned.

This workshop has been generously sponsored byNagel CPAs, LLC, Arlene Sanchez, Alice Myers, RIO Gate, Inc., Diana Stewart, Sandy Dugan, Peggy Clews & a couple anonymous sponsors.  Because of their generosity we are able to charge a very minimal registration fee.  Thank you!

To register or ask questions contact Della Moya at 314-3400 or

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